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Bags, guncover and mats
UH010 Range Bag, Rifle, Large
60x40x25 cm
UH030 Guncover 140 cm
UH031 Guncover 120 cm
UH020 Shooting Mat
180x75 cm
UH012 Range Bag, Pistol, Small 40x30x20 cm
UH040 Guncover/Mat 140 cm
UH941 Guncover/Mat 160 cm
UH034 Guncover AR 100 cm
UH022 Shooting Mat Compact 200x90 cm 
UH130 Bag for Tripod Large 72x15x15 cm
UH131 Bag for Tripod Small 58x12x12 cm
Miragecover for silencer
UH141 Suppressor Cover Short
UH140 Suppressor Cover
UH142 Suppressor Cover Long
UH052 Windproof Mittens
UH050-S Shooting Jacket PRS S
UH050-M Shooting Jacket PRS M
UH050-L Shooting Jacket PRS L
UH050-XL Shooting Jacket PRS XL
UH050-XXL Shooting Jacket PRS XXL
Ulfhednar Hoodie 1.jpg
UH905-S Tactical Hoodie S
UH905-M Tactical Hoodie M
UH905-L Tactical Hoodie L
UH905-XL Tactical Hoodie XL
UH905-XXL Tactical Hoodie XXL
UH905-XXXL Tactical Hoodie XXXL
UH200 Multipurpose Support Pillow
UH203 Support Pillow "Angle" 25x20x15 cm
UH202 Support Pillow "Fatboy" 35x25x20 cm
UH640 Timer with wristband
UH222-S/M, UH222-L/XL 
Utility Molle-Rig (incl belt)
UH205 Empty Shell Bag
25x20 cm
UH215 Extra Bullet Holder Velcro
UH220 Cobra Belt, AutriaAlpin® buckle with D-loop for carabiner
Arca Platform Gen2 s.jpg
UH212 Magazine Pocket molle universal 1-2 mags
UH213 Magazine Holder Magnet molle 2 mags
UH362 Arca Platform Gen2 incl Support Pillow
UH128 Notepad for arm, Velcro Incl whiteboard marker
UH220 Cobra Belt, AutriaAlpin® buckle with D-loop
EUR 72
Back rest
UH103 Support Pillow "Cookie Dough" 8x18x22 cm
UH101 Back Rest "Brick"
7,5x10x12,5 cm
UH105 Rear Bag "Squeezy"
7,5x10 cm
Molle pockets
UH124 Large Molle Pocket
20x25 cm
UH123 Medium Molle Pocket 15x20 cm
UH122 Small Molle Pocket 
10x15 cm
UH125 First Aid Pocket (empty)
15x20 cm
UH400 First Aid Kit
15x20 cm
UH126 Silencer Pocket Kevlar®/Cordura® 
UH127 Windmeter Pocket 15x5x3 cm
Cartridge holders
UH110 Ammunition Folder
UH112 and UH113 Cartridgeholder
UHRT85CWBH Shooting Tripod with Ballhead Arca-style 20 kg
Tripod HD 40 kg 1.jpg
UHHD40 Heavy Duty Tripod with Panhead 40 kg
UHRT55CBH Tripod with Ballhead Arca-style 12 kg
Deadlock Clamp New!.jpg
UHDLOCK Rifle Clamp for Tripod "Deadlock"
UHPW50 Tripod Mini with Ballhead
UHBHU44 Ballhead Arca-style 20 kg (3/8” Tripod Mount)
UH602 Reloading Scale Basic
UH600 Reloading Scale Pro
UH900 Electronic Shooting Earmuff 22dB
UH650 Barrel Flow
UH910 Gel Ear Pads
Slings, swivels, studs and adapters
UH304 Sling, long range adjustable cam-buckle, QD for arm
UH312 Socket for QD Swivel
UH322 2 pcs QR Swivel 1,25"
UH318 2 pcs Screw Stud for QR Swivel 0,5"
UH303 Sling, PRS non-elastic web, adjustable cam-buckle 
UH320 2pcs QD HD Swivel 1,25"
UH321 2 pcs QD Swivel 1,5"
UH319 2 pcs Screw Stud for QR Swivel 0,75" 
UH314 Adapter for QD Swivel on Picatinny rail
UH321 2 pcs QD HD Swivel 1,5"
UH316 Bolt Stud for QR Swivel
UH324 2 pcs HK Swivel 1"
UH325 2 pcs HK Swivel 1,5"
Gun parts
Arca Platform Gen2 s.jpg
UH362 Arca Platform Gen2 incl Support Pillow
UH350 Buttplate Quick Adjustable universal
UH355 Sidemounted Bubble Level Picatinny w/D.O.P.E. card
UH367 Tripod Adapter - for Loke UH365 1.
UH367 Tripod Adapter for "Loke"
UH368 Picatinny Adapter - for Loke UH365
UH368 Picatinny Adapter for "Loke"
UH369 Harris Adapter - for Loke
UH369 Harris Adapter for "Loke"
UH366 RPS Versapod Adapter - for Loke UH
UH366 RPS/VersaPod Adapter for "Loke"
UH365 Picatinny/Arca Lock "Loke" (Atlas footprint)
Loke Arca Adapter V2.jpg
UH356 Spuhr Adapter for Sidemounted Bubble Level
UH820 Steel Carabiner
UH825 Multi D-Rings 4 pcs
UH951 Patch Norwegian Flag on Velcro (Tan)
UH821 Plastic Carabiner
UH410 6 pcs t loops
UH950 Patch Norwegian Flag on Velcro 
UH822 PRS Aluminium Carabiner
UH300 Adjustable shoulder hook for gunsling, complete set
Patch Ulfhednar Logo
Pin Ulfhednar Logo